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Sep 07, 2014



Goal Type:

World Class

Running Accomplishments:

Freshman PRs:

      I ran for American Leaderships Academy my freshman year, so I was in 2A and facing much easier competition than I would in higher divisions. I really only did cross country because it would get me in shape for soccer, But when I realized I was actually good at it I made running my number 1 priority. I barely made it to state, but had a bad race and did not place very well. I decided to try a half marathon in November and did pretty good (considering I had only been running seriously for about 4 months.) I started off track running my fastest time in the mile, and didn't get another pr in the mile until state championships. I realized I was better at the 3200 and thats what I have been focusing on since then. At state track I got prs in all 3 distance events, which was a huge confidence booster!

      800- 2:15(?) Sprint Medley State Chamionships 2014

      1600- 4:51 State Championships 2014

      3200-10:40 State Championships 2014

      10000- 37:10 Speedy Spaniard 10k 2014

      1/2 Mar- 1:25:33 Thankful 13 2014

Sophmore PRs:

      My sophmore cross country season went much like last track season. I started off with my fastest time and didn't improve on it until one of the last races. I struggled a lot during this season, I got down on myself after every bad race I had, that was probably my biggest problem. At region I had an absolutely terrible race. We were planning on getting the team qualified for state, and I'm pretty sure it was completely my fault we didn't. Haha yeah it was bad, I ran about a minute slower than what I wanted and got 20th or something. I kept training through to December, did a few races, and had a really succesful race at  Footlocker West. I got 14th in the Frosh/Soph race. Even though I got out kicked by two people in the last 100 I was really pleased, especially after that bad season. I started indoor track running 10:37 and 4:49. Soccer conflicted with track a lot and I think it was really detrimental to my times. I'm thinking about not doing soccer next year and just focusing on track. I had a few good races, and managed to destroy this kid in the last 300 meters at region and make it to state! Unfortunately I let the fact the I was seeded last at the state meet get to my head, and I got last by over a hundred meters. Not only the worst race of the season, but also the most humiliating. On to cross country!

      800- 2:13 Snow Canyon Invite 2015

      1600- 4:40.02 BYU Invitational 2015

      3200- 10:03.14 Snow Canyon Invite 2015

      3 mile- 16:09 Cedar 2014

      10000- 34:03 Provo Freedom Run 2015

      15k- 55:04 SLCTC Winter Series 15k 2015

      10 Miles- 1:00:24 One Hour time trial

Junior PRs:

     Junior cross country season went well. It was rough but I had some high points. Finally broke 16 for 3 miles at region with 2nd place, broke an hour in the 10 mile and 34 minutes in the 10k. State xc went really bad. I missed my goal time by 40 seconds and my goal place by 25 people. Footlocker wasn't that great, I got the same time as last year and missed my goals on place and time. Trained really hard with high mileage through the winter. 


      1600- 4:42

      2 mile- 9:57

      3 mile- 15:39 Pre Footlocker

      5K- 16:14 Pre Footlocker

      10 mile-58:58 One Hour time trial

Best Races:

6th place in the Orem Earn Your Turkey 4 mile Run 2015

16th in the Footlocker West Regional Sophmore Boys Race (17:14.5)

10th place at the 2015 SLCTC 15K (55:04)

1st place-3200 Copper Hills Invitational 2015

8th place-Provo Freedom Run 2015

2nd place Region 8 Cross Country Championships (15:43.5)

5th place Distance Challenge 2016 3200

Short-Term Running Goals:

Train consistently and have some good races in the next few months. It would be nice to break 15 in the 5k soon as well.


Long-Term Running Goals:

Get on BYU's XC team after my mission sometime. I also want to run under 29 for 10k and 14 for 5k but we'll see!

Favorite Blogs:

Miles:This week: 0.00 Month: 0.00 Year: 143.25
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4 mile run in the morning, ankle hurt a little bit but not too bad. 

Decided to do the workout today. No problems with the ankle, but the workout was awful. I was going to do a total of 6 or 7 tempo miles broken up into segments but I was going so slow and putting in a lot of effort. I have had a cold for the past 4 days, so I'm going to blame it on that but it was still pretty frustrating. It never bothered me on any of my normal runs, but I guess it affects you a lot more when you start trying to push it. Also, my bowels need to chill. I had to stop at home several times during a single run. Warmed up 2 miles and did some strides, stopped at home, did some strides and started 3 miles tempo. Was going for 5:45 and hit 5:46 for the first mile. I was ok with that, but then I hit 5:49 after feeling like I had picked it up. I sped up again and got through the third mile in 5:33 (downhill), 5:43 average. This required way more effort than I thought it would. Jogged home for a second and jogged to the track to see what else I could muster up. Did a mile in 5:36, rested for 2 or 3 minutes, and did another mile in 5:24. Now that I look back at it it wasn't an awful workout, still not what I wanted or was expecting. Jogged home and called it quits. 8 miles for this run.

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4 miles in the morning slow, my ankle still hurts, bad sign. Postponing my tempo workout until it feels better.

Was planning on going to the gym to ride bikes but went for a run to see how my foot felt. It was fine actually, I wanted to go 8 but I had eaten so much before that I could only handle 4. 6:55 pace.

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Nice run at 6 pm, 80 degrees. Jogged 3 miles including a few laps on the track with an old friend from high school then did 4x60 meter hill sprints. Felt ok but it seemed like I was crawling! Almost like those dreams where you are trying to run but you can't. I need to do those more often! Finished up with 4 more miles. Near the end of that I stepped weird and felt a sharp pain on the inside of my right achilles, not good. It felt similar to the injury I got in November on the other leg, but much less intense. It scared me so I stopped and walked for a bit. Ran the last mile home with no problem. 7.3 miles.

Did another run at 10:30 pm and actually felt amazing! I just felt like I was gliding, it must have been those sprints. About 3 miles, not sure on pace, I didn't bring the watch. No pain in the ankle, but I'm going to be ultra careful for the next few days, no way in heck I'm doing that all over again!

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